Friday, October 7, 2011

- Value of Tracheal tube in general anaethesia.

Value of Endotracheal tube During  general anaethesia (1)

Endotracheal intubation may be considered in every patient receiving general anesthesia for the following purposes:..
  1. Protection of the patient’s airway.
  2. Controlled positive-pressure ventilation of the lungs.
  3. Convenient access to the surgical field for the head and neck surgeon.
  4. Needed for frequent suction.
  5. Prevent inhalation (aspiration) of gastric contents
  6. Operative position other than supine.
N.B: The cuff of th ETT seals the trachea to avoid gas leaks or contamination. Prolonged pressure from the cuff may cause mucosal ischaemia SO, Uncuffed tubes should be used in Paediatric anaesthesia. 

Dr Ibrahim Samaha 
(1)Basics of Anaethesia,6th ed,CH1,P.g 6- CH16 p.g228


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