Tuesday, August 23, 2011

- Eye signs of thyrotoxicosis.

Eye signs of thyrotoxicosis.
"DR Joffroy may validate symptoms"

  • Dalrymple sign:- rim of sclera is seen all around the cornea, on looking straight forward.
  • Rosenbach's sign:- fine tremor of the upper eyelids on slight closure of the eye.
  • Joffroy's sign:-lack of wrinkling of the forehead when a patient looks upward.
  • Moebius sign:- lack of convergence on looking to near object.
  • Von Graefe's sign (lid lag sign):-lagging of the upper eyelid on looking downward without movinh the head.
  • Stellwag's sign:-staring look with infrequent blinking.
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  3. Kocher sign- staring look(upper sclera visible)


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