Friday, April 29, 2011

- Sperm Motility grading.

Sperm Motility grading.
Sperm Motility grading.
(Human sperm stained for semen quality testing in the clinical laboratory.)
  • Grade 1: sperm are immotile meaning that they fail to move at all.
  • Grade 2: sperm are labeled as non-progressive motility because they do not move forward despite the fact that they move their tails.
  • Grade 3: sperm (non-linear motility) also move forward but tend to travel in a curved or crooked motion.
  • Grade 4: sperm are known to have progressive motility meaning they are the strongest and swim fast in a straight line.

Ideal sperm quality dictates that a man should have grade 3 or 4 sperm in order to fertilize an egg.

 Dr Ibrahim
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  1. My latest semen analysis report shows 71% grade 3 suggest medicine for getting grade 4 sperm motality...


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