Saturday, January 1, 2011

- Compound fracture grading - Gustilo-Anderson grading.

Compound fracture grading 
Gustilo-Anderson grading.
- Grade I :- clean , less than 1cm wound , minimal soft tissue injury, simple or minimally comminuted fracture. 
- Grade II :- wound more than 1cm, moderate soft tissue injury, moderate contamination, moderate bone comminution.
 - Grade III :- ususlly more than 10 cm, high contaminated wound, severe soft tissue damage, variable bone comminution.
*Grade IIIA :- Adequate soft tissue coverage is possible. 
 *Grade III B :- Bare bone , no adequate soft tissue cover for bone. 
 *Grade III C :-  Circulatory interruption of  the injured limb (i.e vascular injury). 

 Dr Ibrahim

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