Sunday, December 12, 2010

- Renal trauma grading scale.

Basically we can divide renal trauma into five grades.
The grades I , II and III are classified as minor traumas, and the grades IV,V as major :-
  • Grade I: contusion or subcapsular hematoma, without parenchymal laceration.
  • Grade II: superficial cortical laceration less than 1 cm deep.
  • Grade III: deep cortical laceration extending more than 1 cm.
  • Grade IV:
    1. corticomedullary laceration with collecting system injury and urinary extravasation. 
    2.  vascular injury:- laceration or thrombosis of a segmental artery.
  • Grade V:
    1. Multiple deep lacerations.
    2. Thrombosis of the main renal artery.
    3. Avulsion of renal hilum which devascularizes kidney.

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