Monday, April 5, 2010

-Brown-Séquard syndrome.

Brown-Séquard syndrome.
(Hemisection of spinal cord.)
lesion in one side of the spinal cord as:-

  • Stab wound.
  • Disc prolapse.
  • D.S.
  • Tumor.

*Clinical picture:-
A)AT the level of the lesion:-

  • Ipsilateral localized LMNL of the muscles supplied by the affected segment.
  • Ipsilateral loss of all sensations from the area supplied by the dorsal root of the affected segment.
B)Below the level of the lesion:-
  • Ipsilateral monoplegia(If the lesion below c5) or ipsilateral hemiplegia (If the lesion between c1-c5)
  • Contralateral loss of pain and temperature 2 segments below the level of the lesion due to damage of the lateral spinothalamic tract.
  • Ipsilateral deep sensory loss.
  • Diminution of touch sensation on both sides.
  • Ipsilateral Horner'syndrome in lesions above T1 due to damage of sympathetic fibers descending to T1.
Dr Ibrahim
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