Wednesday, March 17, 2010

-Vircow's triad.

Vircow's triad is the aetiology of thrombosis which is composed of :-

1-Damage of vascular endothelium(Vascular trauma):-
this damage expose the endothelial collagen which is rough surface to which platelets can stick firmly and release thromboxane A2 that help more platelet aggregation.

2-Slowing(Reduced)in the blood flow (stasis):-
these changes help thrombosis by allowing the platelets to deviate from the axial stream and cross the peripheral plasmatic zone to stick to the vascular endothelium.

3-Change in blood composition(Increased coagulability ):-
a-Increase number of blood elements.
-Increase platelets so become more sticky and agglutinate in small masses and adhere to vascular endothelium.
-Increase WBCs and RBCs increase viscosity of blood and stasis.
b-Biochemical changes that cause systemic activation of the cloting system.

"VIR chow"

Vascular trauma
Increased coagulability
Reduced blood flow (stasis)

Dr Ibrahim

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