Monday, January 25, 2010

- Nematodes transmitted through contaminated soil.

 Nematodes transmitted through contaminated soil
(Nematodal geoparasites)

(Alessandro Nesta the famous Italian footballer )
(source of pic here )

you will surprise what the relation between Alessandro Nesta and Nematodes.!? really i will need "Nesta" part to help us to remember nematodes transmitted through contaminated soil..

Necator americanus (filariform larvae).
Enterobius vermicularis (eggs).
Strongyloides  stercoralis (filariform larvae).
Toxocara canis and cati (eggs),Trichocephalus trichiurus.
Ascaris lumbricoides,Ancylostoma duodenale.


Dr Ibrahim


  1. حلو الربط ده قوي يا دكتور
    احيك و الله عليها
    و فيه نستا كمان بتاع برشلونه ^_^


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