Tuesday, November 24, 2009

- Grading of Murmurs.

Grading of Murmurs

- Intensity of murmur refers to the amplitude of sound of murmur (i.e loudness of the murmur)
- Murmurs are classified ("graded") depending on their ability to be heard by the examiner.
- It is graded on a scale from I to VI (1-6/6).

  • Grade I:- very faint,not heard in all positions,no thrill.
  • Grade II:- Soft,heard in all positions,no thrill.
  • Grade III:- loud,no thrill.
  • Grade IV:- Loud,with palpable thrill (i.e a tremor or vibration felt on palpation).
  • Grade V:- Very loud, with thrill,heard with only the edge of the stethoscope touching the chest wall.
  • Grade VI:- loudest, with thrill,heard with the stethoscope just above the precordium, not touching the skin.

Dr Ibrahim

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