Thursday, July 2, 2009

- Tuberculin non reactors high risk groups.

One of the indications for administration of BCG vaccine is

"Tuberculin non reactors high risk groups"

they are "Dig camp"

- Dangerous group of the community who deal with large number of people transmitting infection to them ..e.g food handlers,teachers,nurses,wet nurses,hair dressers.

- Industrial workers especially exposure to silica dust as T.B follow silicosis as its shadow.

- Geriatric homes .

- Contacts with cases.

- Camps.

- Cases of D.M & chronic debilitating diseases.

- Agricultural workers and farmers.

- Adolescents with symptoms > 4 weeks.

- Medical and Paramedical persons.

- Military groups.

- Malnutrition syndrome.

- People of underdeveloped countries and living in slums.

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