Thursday, March 26, 2009

-Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
(SIDS) Or COT death

Def:- Sudden unexpectrd death in infant of appearant good health,without giving a commonly accepted cause at autopsy.

The cause:- undefinite but may be:-
  1. Suffocation.
  2. Infections:fulminant viral infections.
  3. Impaired respiratory reflexes.
  4. Diet : Improper diet causing nutritional deficiences or hypernatremia.
  5. Sensetivity to milk proteins.
  6. Cardiac conduction disorders.
  7. Co or Co2 poisoning.
  8. Overlying in the early life.
  9. Thermal: Hyper or hypothermia.

Features of the syndrome:

- Age: () 2weeks and 2 years with a peak 2-3 months of life.

- Sex : males more than  females.

- Social level: low socioeconomic level more than high socioeconomic level.

- Whether: cold winter more than hot summer.

- Twins more than single babies due to:

  •   increase icidence prematurity.
  •   low birth weight.


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