Friday, February 20, 2009

-Ten ways to reduce risk of cancer.

1- Balanced diet ( which supply the body with sufficient food stuffs,satisfy body requirement,free of toxins or infection,selected in proper portion 50-60% cHO,15-20% proteins,20-30% fat).

2-choose diet rich in fibers.

3-Increase vegetables and fruits for more than 2 servings /day.

4-Control weight,avoid obesity.

5-Excercise regularly.

6-limit highly salted food.

7-limit smoky and  pickled food.

8-Decrease fat intake.

9-Stop alcohol.

10-Stop smoking with its different forms (cigarettes,Bidi,Cigar,Goza ,Hook-ah,Hubble-bubble,Tobacco chewing,Snuff,pipe).

Dr Ibrahim samaha


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