Wednesday, January 28, 2009

-Seven basic types of smokers (By Russell).

Seven basic types of smokers  (By Russell)
-If you understand why you smoke, you will have a better chance to adopt appropriate strategies to stop your smoking behavior.

-According to motives for smoking smokers are:

1-sedative smokers:
As comfort in the face of unpleasant feelings or to relieve tension ....

2-Stimulative smokers:
To help thinking, increase concentration and overcome monotony .

3-psychsocial smokers:
As crutch to increase their confidence.

4-Sensory smokers:
Just satisfaction of feeling of a cigarette in mouth or fingers.

5-Indulgent smokers:
Use it for actual pleasure of smoking or to heighten enjoyment of an already pleasurable moment .

6-Addictive smokers:
To avoid the severe withdrawal symptoms of stopping .

7-Automatic smokers:
They Light cigarettes automatically whenever they face any situation.

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