Sunday, January 11, 2009

- DNA strucure.

- DNA is found in chromosomes inside the nucleus..

see the picture which illustrate that

also show the true genetic content

& non genetic areas...

Components of DNA

- DNA is a polymer.

- The monomer units of DNA are nucleotides,

- The polymer is known as a "poly nucleotide ".

- Each nucleotide consists of:-

  • 5-carbon sugar (deoxyribose).
  • nitrogen containing base attached to the sugar.
  • phosphate group.

- There are four different types of nucleotides found in DNA,

differing only in the nitrogenous base.

- The four nucleotides are given one letter abbreviations

for the four bases: -

  • A is for adenine.
  • G is for guanine.
  • C is for cytosine.
  • T is for thymine.

- DNA is found in spiral manner around histones

in the chromosome .

- DNA is double stranded formed as two raws of nucleotides

attached to each other by phosphodiester bond .

- One nucleotide from one strand attached to another one

By hydrogen bond through the nitrogenous base of nucleotide.

There tow videos for DNA , Enjoy it...

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