Thursday, November 6, 2008

- Vision.

- Vision: - is a complex sense composed of many elements including:-

Perception of image on retina.-

-Conduction of the image as nerve impulse to brain.

- Interpretation & recognition of the image by brain.

- Organ of Vision: - is the eye.

- Eye is formed of: -

-Eyeball which located inside the orbit.

-Extra ocular structures surrounding it

(eyelids – Conjunctiva - lacrimal apparatus - Extra ocular muscles)

N.B… nerve of vision is :-

optic nerve which is the second (2nd) cranial nerve.

N.B… Ocular muscles 2:-

1- Extra ocular muscles:-

-Levator Palpebrae Superioris.

Four recti :-
  • Lat. Rectus
  • Med. Rectus.
  • Sup. Rectus.
  • Inf. Rectus.
- Inf. Oblique.

- Sup. Oblique

2- Intra ocular muscles:-

- ciliary muscle.

- Sphincter pupillae muscle.

- Dilator pupillae muscle.

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