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-Turner Syndrome.

Turner Syndrome

*Def :- It is a condition in which a female has only one X sex chromosome instead of XX in her cells (i.e XO or monosomy ) (1).

  • Ullrich-Turner syndrome.
  • Gonadal dysgenesis (2).
- Most commonly due to non-disjunction of chromosome X during formation of ova so ovum with one X
chromosome when fertilized an by sperm carrying X chromosome give baby with XO.
- It occurs also in normal ovum when fertilized with sperm neither X nor Y .

* Although in females,only one X chromosome is active , the presence of two X chromosomes is essential for development of the ovaries (1).

*Karyotype (1) :- 45,XO

*Buccal smear:- -ve Barr's body.

*Hormonal assay:- decrease sex hormones.

* Clinical picture (1):-
  • Short stature ( most common presentation).
  • Lymphedema (swelling) of the hands and feet
  • Broad chest (shield chest) and widely-spaced nipples
  • Low hairline
  • Low-set ears
  • infertility ( due to ovarian dysgenesis)
  • Amenorrhea, or the absence of a menstrual period
  • Increased weight, obesity
  • Shield shaped thorax of heart
  • Shortened metacarpal IV (of hand)
  • Small fingernails
  • Characteristic facial features (e.g hypertelorism,epicanthic fold,narrow maxilla)
  • Webbed neck from cystic hygroma in infancy.
  • Congenital heart diseases in 35% of cases mainly Coarctation of the aorta.
  • Poor breast development.
  • Congenital renal diseases (e.g Horseshoe kidney).
  • Cubitus valgus ( wide carrying angle).
  • Mental development is subnormal "but intelligence is normal".
While most of the physical findings in Turner syndrome are harmless, there can be significant medical problems associated with the syndrome.

As a chromosomal condition, there is no cure for Turner syndrome. However, much can be done to minimize the symptoms. For example:-(3)
  • Growth hormone, either alone or with a low dose of androgen, will increase growth and probably final adult height. Growth hormone is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treatment of Turner syndrome .(3)
  • Estrogen replacement therapy at 14-15 years has been used since the condition was described in 1938 to promote development of secondary sexual characteristics.Estrogens are crucial for maintaining good bone integrity and tissue health (3).
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