Wednesday, July 16, 2008

- The Cranial cavity in brief .

The Cranial cavity in brief

- The cranial cavity, or intracranial space,

is the space formed inside the skull

- The skull or cranium is a bony structure

serves as the general framework for the head....

- Brain : occupies the cranial cavity,

which is lined by the meninges

The meninges are the system of membranes that

envelop the central nervous system and which

contains fluid to cushion blows.

- Cranial cavity is composed by the frontal,

parietal, sphenoid, temporal and occipital bones,

and in part the ethmoid, all covered by

endosteal layer of dura mater.

- The cranial cavity is divided into

three cranial fossae :

1-Anterior cranial fossa which accommodates

the anterior lobe of brain.

2- Middle cranial fossa, much wider than the

anterior cranial fossa contain the 2 temporal lobes of brain.

3- Posterior cranial fossa is much shallower and

wider than the middle cranial fossa and it

accommodates the occipital lobes of the brain.

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