Monday, June 16, 2008

- YY syndrome.

YY syndrome

*Def :- A genetic condition where males have an extra Y chromosome (i.e XYY) in each of their cells .

* This is not usually an inherited condition but a defect that occurs during cell division.

* Often the condition is asymptomatic.

* Incidence :- rare disease.

  • Diplo-Y Syndrome.
  • Polysomy Y.
  • XYY Chromosome Pattern.
Due to non-disjunction of chromosome Y during 2nd meiotic division so
YY sperm when fertilizes an ovum carrying X chromosome give baby with XYY.

*Karyotype :-

* Clinical picture:-
  • Tall stature
  • Subnormal intelligence.
  • Developmental delays.
  • May show aggressive tendency or antisocial behavior.

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- Principles of histology vol1,staff members ,faculty of medicine,mansoura university,ch3,p.g75,76.

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