Friday, May 13, 2011

- Child Birth: Stations of Presentation.

Child Birth: Stations of Presentation. 

It is the relation of lowermost bony part of the vertex to the ischial spine. or
It is the location of the baby on its descent down into the birth canal.

Negative numbers:- mean the baby is not engaged.
Ppositive numbers:- mean the baby is engaged.

landmark:- is ischial spines which is midway ( ) pelvic inlet and outlet.

* If the baby's head is even with the ischial spines, the station is 0.
* If the baby's head is 1cm above the spines, the station is -1 (2cm above -2 etc).
* If the baby's head is 1cm below the spines (on the way out!), the station is +1 (2cm below +2 etc). 
Importance:- Determine whether your baby is close to being born or not.

The next video a certified nurse-midwife Michelle Collins explains Childbirth Stations of Presentation.
The following animation shows the stations of presentation during labor (labour) and childbirth. The animation follows the baby's progress through the mother's birth canal.

Dr Ibrahim

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