Thursday, February 26, 2009

- Anatomy of the External nose.

- The external nose extends the nasal cavities onto the front of the face and positions the nares so that they point downwards.

- The anterior parts of the nasal cavities are held open by a  skeletal framework (i.e external nose ).

- The external nose is pyramidal in shape , has anterior border called "dorsum" and two lateral sides.
- It´s root lies at the naso-facial suture.
- It´s apex called the tip of the nose.
- The septum below the tip of the nose called "columella".
- The opening of the nose to air is called "nostrils" or "anterior nares" which are openings through which air enters nasal cavities...

- The external nose is composed of two parts:

1- Upper bony part:-
which is composed of :

  • Nsal bones which is articulate together in the middle line .
  • Nasal process of frontal bone.
  • Nasal process of maxillry bone.

2- lower cartilagenous part:-
which is composed of :

  • upper lateral cartilage.
  • Major alar cartilage(lower lateral cartilage).
  • Minor alar cartilage at ala nasi.

N.B: Major alar cartilage is composed of two crura lateral and medial.
The two medial crura form "columella".

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