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- Different forms of tobacco .

**Different forms of tobacco**

The most popular form allover the world.

2-Bidi: (0.5 gm of dried tobacco leaves)
  • hand made , in the form of rolls.
  • In : India , Bangladesh , Indonesia and Thailand.
3- Cigar :-
  • Made of cured tobacco leaves and surrounded by dried tobacco leave.
  •  During smoking , the burning end is introduced into the mouth.
  • In India and Latin America. (e.g Cuba)
4- Goza ,Hook-ah ,Hubble-bubble:
-There is burning of tobacco mixed with molasses and the resulting smoke passes through water before being inhaled.
-Usually practiced in groups (parties).
-prevalent in :

  • EGYPT and  El-sham (Goza , Hubble-bubble)
  • India and Pakistan (Hook-ah)

5-Tobacco chewing:
  • Practiced in Afghanistan , India ( usually by females for teeth cleaning).
  • In Africa especially Sudan and Gabon.

6-Snuff : 
  • The tobacco is used in the form of powder.
  • It Either inhaled by nose or kept () lower lid and  gum.
  • Practiced in India and Sudan.
(An_Antique_Pair_of_Snuffers .. Source:-wikipedia)


  consist of a chamber in which the substance to be smoked is placed, a stem and a mouthpiece through which the smoke is inhaled.

*Snuff  andTobacco chewing is smokeless form.
*Other forms produce smoke.

 Dr Ibrahim


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