Tuesday, December 23, 2008

- Identification (2).

4•Age estimation:

A- from skull :

- dimensions:-

-eg , at full term
  • circumference =13 inches
  • length =5 inches
  • width = 4 inches

- fontanelles closure :-
  • Anterior fontanelle close at 2 years.
  • posterior fontanelle close at 9 months (full term).
- suture fusion.

B- from union of the epiphysis:

- Sex has to be taken into account as;bone development and epiphyseal
fusion is
different between the sexes.

- The pattern of fusion of bone ends (epiphysis) to bone shaft (metaphysis) in each bone indicates age.

C- from ossific centers of the bones.



- The skull is the only reliable bone.

  • Caucasian (all whites)
  • Negro (all blacks - African, American, Negroes and West Indians)
  • Mongoloid (Chinese, Japanese, American Indians)

- Thus skulls of British, Germans, French or
Swedes cannot be distinguished from one another.
- Similarly Japanese skulls are similar to Chinese skulls.

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