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- Identification (1).

Identification( الإستعراف)

-Def:- recognition of a person (living or dead) through certain characters that
differentiate him from all other persons.

-Include :-
  • Skeletal remains( Bony collection),
  • Identification of the living person,
  • Identification of the dead body or part of dead body.
-Identification of Skeletal remains( Bony collection)

1•Are the remains human or animal?

- If complete anatomical features.

- If piece of bone (where there is no anatomical
features) do Precipitin test.

-N.B:- Precipitin test:-
  • Crushing a small piece of bone & suspending it in saline.
  • The saline extraction is examined against human antiserum.
  • This test not working with burned bone due to destruction of proteins.

2•How many bodies? ( Number of persons)..


- Repetition of the same single bones

e.g (2 skulls,2 mandibles,2 sternii..etc).

- Different sex ,age,race,Postmortem interval.

3•sex differentiation:

A) From height of long bone.

B) Based on appearance of :-

Skull,Mandible,Sternum, Pelvis,Hip bone,sacrum.

Before puberty:- It is impossible to differentiate

the sex from bone.As sexual characters aren't manifested yet.

After puberty:-It is possible to differentiate the sex from bone.

A) From height of long bone.

  • By the height of the bone we can suggest sex.
  • By using Karl Pearson's formula: -
Femur= 25% of height.
Humerus = 18% of height.

-Skull :



- Hip bone :-

- sacrum :

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