Friday, July 18, 2008

- The Meninges of the Brain.

The Meninges of the Brain

1-The Dura mater.

2-The Arachnoid mater .

3The Pia mater.

1-The Dura mater:

-The dura mater is as two layers:

the endosteal layer and the meningeal layer.

These are closely united except along certain lines,

where they separate to form venous sinuses & folds

which act as septae forming cranial cavity compartments.

- Dural folds :
  • Falx cerebri
  • Tentorium cerebelli
  • Falx cerebelli
2-The Arachnoid mater :

-The arachnoid mater is a delicate, impermeable membrane

covering the brain and lying between the pia mater

internally and the dura mater externally.

- It is separated from the dura by a potential space, the subdural space,

- It is separated from the pia by the subarachnoid space,

which is filled with cerebrospinal fluid.

2-The pia mater :

-The pia mater is a vascular membrane that

closely invests the brain,
covering the gyri and

descending into the deepest sulci.

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