Sunday, May 11, 2008



Def :- It is disease transmitted () vertebrate animals and man.

Zoo = related to animal (animal in origin)
Anthropo = man (human in rigin)
Noso = diseaes

* So ,

  • Zoonotic disease :- a disease transmitted from animals to man.
  • Anthroponoses :- adisease maintained only By man e.g trichomoniasis.
  • zooanthroponoses :-a disease of animals & can be transmitted to man e.g trichinosis.
  • Anthropozoonoses :- a disease of Human origin& can be transmitted to Animals e.g taeniasis.

*Zoonoses can be listed according to the infectious agent:-
  • Parasitic.
  • Fungal.
  • Bacterial.
  • Viral.
  • Prial (by prions).

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